Virtual Fine Art Gallery

(em)Power Artists in the Digital Realm

PhyXels Virtual Fine Art Gallery


“We Understand and Live in Both Worlds”

PhyXels is committed to be the bridge for artists entering communities and markets in the digital realm.


Each exhibition is professionally curated and hosted in our virtual space, so that your guests and collectors can see the full potential of your art. 


At PhyXels Gallery, we are a close-knit, diverse, and creative team of professionals committed to pushing the boundaries of digital art and innovation. Our passion for art transcends the traditional canvas, extending into the realm of pixels and the digital world. Our team’s diverse skillset and backgrounds contribute to a vibrant and dynamic environment that fosters collaboration, creativity, and innovation. We are united in our mission to empower digital artists and bring their masterpieces to life, one pixel at a time. Join us on this exciting journey as we explore digital art’s limitless possibilities and redefine how the world experiences creativity. Welcome to PhyXels Gallery!

Julius Yls

Co-Founder & CEO

As the Co-Founder & CEO of Phyxels Gallery, his expertise extends beyond pioneering virtual fine art galleries to assisting businesses in harnessing AI for innovation and growth. With over two decades of experience at the nexus of art, technology, and visual communication, he specializes in employing cutting-edge technologies such as NFTs, Web3, the Metaverse, and AI to future-proof and enhance companies’ branding and operational capabilities. His vision for Phyxels Gallery is deeply intertwined with a passion for integrating artistic expression with digital breakthroughs, ensuring art accessibility and revolutionising how brands engage with technology.

Silvia Valentino

Co-Founder & Chief Curator

Silvia brings a wealth of experience in international curatorial practices, art production, and education, focusing on cross-cultural understanding and personal development. They have worked across the USA, Europe, and Asia in arts and education, managing a community outreach gallery in California and serving as a professor and lecturer in Dubai and San Diego. With expertise in motivating teams and individuals, Silvia is also a skilled writer in literary fiction, non-fiction, art, and travel, specialising in creative writing, English, and literature. Silvia spoke fluently English, Bulgarian, Russian, and Spanish.

Guy Thompson

Co-Founder & Chief Business & Marketing

Since 2000, Guy has made strides in creative content production, corporate communications, and international business development. In 2016 he joined ANZ Bank Melbourne and was instrumental in the global expansion of medium-sized businesses. Currently, he is with United Media Solution, a China-based social media marketing agency as Associate Director, Insights and works between offices in Australia, New Zealand and China.

Ameena Ali

Gallery Operational Manager

Ameena Ali is a diligent professional with an Applied Media and Corporate Communication background. Her experience spans roles in relationship management, corporate communication, customer care, and administration, showcasing adaptability and expertise in strategic planning, integrated communication, and problem-solving. Ameena’s fluency in Arabic and English and strong organisational and time management skills make her a valuable addition to our virtual fine art gallery team.

Ben Jones

Visual Designer

Ben comes from a family of designers and graduated with distinction from a renown Design School in 2001. He has worked in agencies in New Zealand and Melbourne, Australia before continuing his design career in Italy, France and Spain. With a lifelong passion for typography and ability to communicate with image, his work speaks for itself — in different languages and to a diverse audience. Ben supports Phyxels projects with graphic designs to promote exhibitions and add visual content to virtual gallery spaces.

Julian Stone

Visual & Culture Advisor

Julian contributes a rich background in global artistic practices, design education, and fostering cultural appreciation and individual growth. His experience spans various regions, including work in arts and academia both locally and internationally. Julian has demonstrated a strong commitment to team motivation and personal development, drawing from his experience as a professor and lecturer. As a professional writer with a focus on design, education, and travel, he specializes in crafting compelling narratives and sharing his passion for the arts.